Guava Grenade IPA 5.7% abv (a hazy guava IPA)

Brace yourselves for a taste explosion with Dough Daddy Beer’s Guava Grenade Hazy IPA! This brew is not just a beer—it’s a compact flavor bomb that’ll have you shouting “Kaboom!” with excitement.  As you lift the glass, a burst of vibrant aromas fills the air, like a firecracker igniting your senses. Fresh grapefruit, zesty lemon zest, and guava come together in a fruity chorus that dances in your nose. But hold on tight—subtle dank hops and fresh fruit add an unexpected twist, amping up the fun factor.  Now, get ready for the flavor frenzy! Guava takes center stage, exploding on your palate with a tropical blast. But the fun doesn’t stop there—underneath the guava’s reign, you’ll discover a complex mix of sweet nectarines, mandarin oranges, and persimmons. It’s like a mini circus of flavors performing daring stunts on your taste buds!  And just when you think the show is over, the grand finale arrives—the finish. A dank, resinous hop steals the spotlight, bursting with citrus flavor like fireworks in the night sky. It’s a dazzling sensation that lingers on your tongue, leaving you wanting an encore.  Cheers to a flavor adventure that’s guaranteed to blow you away.