PITTSBURGH (April 23, 2024— Caliente Pizza and Draft House, a pioneer in the craft beer and gourmet pizza scene, is proud to announce that the Caliente Family is growing with the grand opening of Dough Daddy Brewery in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania. Formerly known as Dough Daddy Beer Co., the establishment has evolved into a full-fledged brewery, marking an exciting new chapter for the brand. Owned by Angie Bogacz, the wife of Caliente Pizza and Draft House owner Nick Bogacz, Dough Daddy Brewery stands to carve a unique space in the beer world as a female owned and operated brewery.

Taking over the tasting room and beer garden previously occupied by Strange Roots, Dough Daddy Brewery will continue brewing their renowned beer on-site alongside Strange Roots. Both breweries will maintain their operations in Gibsonia, PA, with Strange Roots continuing to operate their Millvale and New Kensington taprooms as usual.

Located in the heart of Gibsonia, Dough Daddy Brewery is poised to become a destination for beer enthusiasts and food lovers alike. The expansion underscores Dough Daddy Brewery’s commitment to innovation and quality in craft brewing.

“Dough Daddy Brewery represents the culmination of our passion for craft beer and dedication to excellence,” said Angie Bogacz, President of Dough Daddy Brewery

“We’re thrilled to introduce a unique lineup of brews that reflect our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering unforgettable experiences to our patrons.” The taproom will feature 10 plus Dough Daddy offerings including six every day offering’s that will be available year round.

In addition to its exceptional beer offerings, Dough Daddy Brewery will continue to uphold Caliente Pizza and Draft House’s tradition of culinary excellence, offering a menu of delicious, Sicilian-style pizzas and other gourmet fare to complement the beer selection.

“Caliente was founded on hand-crafted pizza and craft beer,” said Nick Bogacz, Founder and President of Caliente Pizza and Draft House. “It’s only natural that Angie expand’s the Caliente family into a brewery.”

The May grand opening of Dough Daddy Brewery represents a significant milestone for the Caliente Pizza and Draft House family as it continues to expand its presence in the craft beer industry. With its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and community, Dough Daddy Brewery is poised to become a beloved fixture in the Gibsonia area and beyond.